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Lisa Ben Award for Achievement in Features Coverage


The NLGJA Lisa Ben Award for Achievement in Features Coverage is designed to honor a journalist whose body of work is distinguished by insight and impact through engaging features on LGBTQ individuals, the LGBTQ community or LGBTQ issues.

The award is named for the pseudonym Eyde used for her pioneering publication, Vice Versa, which she had to hand deliver to avoid running afoul of laws on the books that made it illegal to send material about lesbians through the mail. In the 1950s she wrote under with the pen name Lisa Ben for The Ladder, the first nationally distributed lesbian magazine.

Lisa Ben was inducted into the NLGJA Journalists Hall of Fame in 2010 for her work that paved the way for many LGBTQ journalists to follow.



LA Exclusive

The award is presented at L.A. Exclusive, A National Benefit for NLGJA, in Los Angeles each June.

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"Lisa Ben"

Lisa Ben, pseudonym for the editor of the first lesbian publication. From June 1947 to February 1948, a lesbian who used the pseudonym “Lisa Ben” wrote a small newsletter in Los Angeles called Vice Versa. She relied on a laborious process at her office at the RKO... read more