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In the beginning, I joined NLGJA because I thought it was important to show that I supported its central mission. I have remained a member because of all the wonderful people I have met -- both incredible friends and professional connections.
The NLGJA is an extraordinarily helpful organization for students to get involved in. I returned for a second time to the NLGJA student project where I continued to push myself to go beyond my comfort zone as a journalist into unfamiliar multimedia fields with the guidance of talented professionals. I hope to go back for the UNITY conference this summer. You build great connections with professionals in the field and other students, whom I’ve been reaching out to during my job hunt process.
I stay an NLGJA member not only because I support fair and accurate coverage, but I also enjoy the camaraderie among my fellow LGBT journalists and media professionals.
In the early 1990s, I was just coming out professionally. As a freelance writer – with pieces in the New York Times, USA Today and Sports Illustrated under my belt – I wasn’t really sure what to do. Sure, I worked for myself, and couldn’t be fired. And yet. And yet…