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Get Involved

Already a member? Here's how you can get more involved in your own area

  • Talk to your local chapter leaders. Find out where you can help. Or contact the National office at to find out how you can get more engaged.
  • Create a student outreach program to tell journalism, communications and marketing students about NLGJA. Visit a class and talk about the state of journalism or the state of LGBT media.
  • Media Watch โ€“ Our Rapid Response Task Force (RRTF) can't keep up with EVERYTHING โ€“ there's too much news and local blogging going on. So we need members to keep an eye open and reach out to RRTF when they feel they've found a particularly excellent or biased piece of LGBT reporting.
  • Organize a webinar on a topic important to you or your chapter โ€“ such as helping the community decipher how the LGBT news will affect their neighborhoods and cities or arranging an expert talk on a topic or news trend to assist journalists with career development.
  • Watch the front page and the NLGJA Twitter feed @nlgja to find out what events are going on in your area so you can meet the people that share your values and career goals, and also give them a chance to meet you. Remember, they're just as interested in expanding their professional network as you are.
  • Host an event. Invite friends and co-workers to join NLGJA and become a part of a national community. NLGJA has a long history of success in getting the LGBT voice heard with fairness and accuracy.