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The Newsroom Outreach Project

The Newsroom Outreach Project is a member-based program that works to further NLGJA’s mission through meetings with broadcast, print and online newsrooms across the country.

What takes place at a Newsroom Outreach Project?

The Newsroom Outreach Project is designed to allow NLGJA members to work with newsrooms on issues that are being reported on in your community. These might include issues like state legislation on marriage, adoption or job protections, or very local items like city policies on GSAs in public school buildings or Pride parade coverage. It might simply be an opportunity to introduce other members of the newsroom staff to the resources and expertise on LGBT issues available in your city or state.

What is the purpose of a Newsroom Outreach Project session?

The Newsroom Outreach Project is an opportunity to help the members of your newsroom expand their source base, broaden their understanding of issues affecting members of the communities they cover, and ask questions about things like pronoun usage, appropriate terminology, and how to approach some of the more complex LGBT stories.

How do I arrange a Newsroom Outreach Project session?

If you would like materials and resources for doing a session in your newsroom, contact Patty Mattern, NLGJA Programs Oversight Chair for assistance.