Tiffany WoodsTiffany Woods is a wife, mother of three, trainer, film producer, longtime SF Bay Area advocate. As the Program Manager for Transgender Services at Tri-City Health Center, Fremont, CA,  she insures that the trans and gender neutral community has access to affirming, responsive healthcare, hormones, and HIV prevention and care services. The program she co-created in 2002, TransVision, is nationally recognized in linking trans women of color into HIV services and creates jobs, mentorship for trans women of color. The Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance she produces brings community, allies, official/ legislators/ law enforcement together to combat transphobia. Her policy and advocacy efforts throughout the county, strives to create safer communities for trans and LGBQI people. As the transgender liaison and Academy Diversity Trainer for the Oakland Police Department, she is working together to ensure respectful and appropriate community interactions, responses, and policies. She is a member of City of Oakland CSEC Task Force eliminating youth sex trafficking. Tiffany has extensive media experience as the media relations contact for Tri-City on transgender issues, the Brandy Martell Murder, as well as coordinating media with Oakland Police Department on the Brandy Martell and Sasha Fleischman cases. She was recently selected by US Rep. Barbara Lee and US Attorney for Northern California, Melinda Haag, as a community leader representing the Trans and LGB community at the Department of Justice Building Community Trust Roundtable with Attorney General Eric Holder, held in Oakland, CA, 2015.In 2014, she was selected to the Trans 100 List –an annual list of 100 Transgender Individuals Making a Difference in the USA.