weiseElizabeth (Beth) Weise covers computer security, technology and Silicon Valley for USA TODAY out of the media company’s San Francisco bureau. In addition, she covers breaking news on the West coast as needed.

At a news organization in the process of remaking itself, she is part of that reinvention. Weise writes, edits and posts stories as well as producing section fronts online. She also shoots and edits video stories, takes still photos to illustrate stories and records weekly podcasts. Search engine optimization, using social media to expand a story’s audience and tracking what works and what doesn’t using realtime metrics are part of her daily job.

While the move to computer security came in 2014 it was actually a homecoming as Weise (it rhymes with geese) had spent the late 1990s covering technology and computer security for first the Associated Press and then USA Today.

Prior to moving back to tech, Weise focused on science, food and agriculture and infectious disease at USA Today at the same time she was on call as the West coast member of the breaking news team.

In that role she covered include the Oso mudslide in Washington State and the West, Texas explosion and the Napa earthquake. She was one of the first reporters to arrive in Japan from the U.S. after the earthquake and tsunami there in 2011.

Weise has been covering food borne illness since 2003, beginning with a trial-by-fire in her second month on the beat when the first U.S. case of mad cow was discovered. Weise has appeared on the News Hour and numerous radio and TV news programs to discuss agricultural issues.

Weise was a national writer covering technology for the Associated Press. She began her reporting career as a correspondent for KUOW, the National Public Radio affiliate in Seattle.

Weise graduated from the University of Washington and attended Lunds Universitet in Sweden.
She was awarded the John S. Knight Fellowship at Stanford University in 2001 where she studied biotechnology.