dayanDayan Candappa is Regional Editor for the Americas at Reuters, and runs Thomson Reuters news operations from Toronto to Buenos Aires. His team publishes customized news across Thomson Reuters platforms including Eikon, Westlaw, Checkpoint, Media Express, and Reuters TV.

In previous roles, Dayan ran economics and markets coverage in Asia during the financial crisis, built and ran the first financial news service for the Middle East during the early years of the oil boom and has covered currency crises, G7 diplomacy, major global M&A deals and disasters including the Asian tsunami of 2004. In 2009, he led a group of journalist in an experiment building the first-ever editorial moderated chatroom in which customers participated. The project was an unexpected success and became the forerunner today’s Eikon Messaging communities.

When Thomson acquired Reuters in 2008, Dayan merged groups of journalists working for a dozen competing websites, wires and magazines owned by the two companies into a combined global markets team, including International Financing Review, the world’s premier capital markets magazine.

Dayan moved to New York in March 2014 from Singapore, where he was Regional Editor for Asia and led teams that covered the rise of Xi Jinping, the dramatic policy shifts at the Bank of Japan, conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the opening of Myanmar and the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster. These stories won Reuters the richest haul of journalism awards in its history, including its first ever Pulitzer Prize for print.

Dayan quit his job as a lawyer to join Reuters a stringer covering the war in his native Sri Lanka because he thought journalism would be more fun. Fourteen years later he still thinks that was the right decision.