Salon III

Friday, September 9, 2016
9:30 am - 10:45 am


The LGBTQ “Movement” has seen more change and progress – cultural, political and otherwise – in the past decade that most of us ever imagined possible. But in this “post-marriage equality” time and in the aftermath of the Orlando mass shooting, how do we prioritize the issues larger movement addresses? Social media and other factors have democratized our ability to reach the public and the media and a resurgence of “Queer Nation” and ACT UP style action has returned, in particular related to gun control issues, a “new” focus for the community. Does our internal community dissent and disagreement over larger vision for LGBTQ populations help or hurt us? How should the media cover that issues as we try and move forward in the face of nationwide attacks against transgender people and other marginalized populations? How do we address the slowdown in funding LGBTQ work when donors – and some activists – think that we are “done” now that we have marriage equality? Join a diverse panel of journalists, experts and activists for a lively, engaged discussion of what may be the largest challenge we face in this next phase of our movement.

Moderator: Cathy Renna
Panelists: Jason Lindsay, Nadine Smith

Excellence in Journalism Awards presented: Podcasts, Radio, Column Writing, Opinion/Editorial Writing