nlgjawebsiteheaderEstablished in 2005 as part of NLGJA’s 15th anniversary celebration, the LGBT Journalists Hall of Fame was launched to honor LGBT journalists who have shown courage and resolve by telling the truth, including their own personal truths, whatever the cost and whatever the difficulties.

Sarah Petit was inducted in 2005. Here’s an excerpt from her biography for the LGBT Journalists Hall of Fame:

“Sarah Pettit’s life was cut short in 2003 by lymphoma, but her work as a senior editor at Newsweek and a pioneer in gay media had a lasting impact. Pettit’s emergence as a groundbreaking journalist began in 1989, when she became the arts editor for the now-defunct OutWeek, a New York gay and lesbian weekly that stirred national debates about ACT UP, gay rights activism and ‘outing’ public figures.

“In 1992, she and Michael Goff created Out magazine, the nation’s first lifestyle magazine targeted to gay men and lesbians. After Goff left in 1996, Pettit was named editor-in-chief and continued in that role until 1998.”

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