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The NLGJA Journalists Toolbox is designed primarily to assist journalists who don’t normally cover the LGBT community.

nlgjawebsiteheaderThe advice is drawn from outside media experts and our own members who are professional journalists for both mainstream media and the LGBT press. We also offer story ideas and new ways of thinking for reporters who are experienced in covering LGBT life.

“Covering LGBT Rights Objectively” offers tips on how journalists can improve political coverage of LGBT civil rights.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Journalists need to familiarize themselves with issues such as marriage, nondiscrimination policies and domestic partner benefits. They must be sure they understand what proponents seek and what critics oppose.

“Depth and nuance are important aspects of coverage. Reporters tempted to turn to radical activist types on both sides should do the legwork to find credible sources who elevate the discussion, not mire it in name-calling.

“In the gay rights debate, journalists shouldn’t be afraid to scrutinize inflammatory rhetoric by either side. Is it fair for a gay activist to say that all churchgoers are bigots? The same level of scrutiny should be applied when politicians evoke their personal religious beliefs as a rationale for directing public policy.”

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