The Human Rights Campaign issues its Corporate Equality Index today and a number of media organizations are included in the survey.  The index evaluates employers based on (1) equal employment opportunity, including gender identity or expressions; (2) employment benefits; (3) organizational LGBT competency; (4) public commitment; and (5) responsible citizenship.

While HRC is optimistic about the scores, especially during the economic downturn, Darryl Herrschaft said at HRC’s blog that there is still work to be done.

But, as we all know, LGBT workers still face many challenges in the workplace, and these policies alone do not mean that our daily work lives automatically become free from challenges for being LGBT.

Those receiving a perfect score include:

Clear Channel Communications Inc.

Cox Enterprises Inc.

Time Warner Inc.

Viacom Inc.

Walt Disney Co.

New York Times Co.

United Business Media LLC

Other Media Companies Included in the Survey:

Comcast Corp.                          95

SIRIUS XM Radio Inc.           80

McGraw-Hill                               80

General Electric                        80

Thomson Reuters                    75

Pearson Inc.                               75

Gannett Co. Inc.                        65

Scholastic Corp.                        50

From the beginning, NLGJA was committed to improving the lives of LGBT journalists in the workplace and the survey results show how those who work at major, corporate media are doing.  The number of media companies scoring 100 show the changing picture of LGBT journalists, but there is still room for more advocacy for those working in smaller markets and for smaller companies.