Following up on the great post by Ina Fried on the death of sportswriter Christine Daniels/Mike Penner, some more links worth checking out

– National  Public Radio’s On the Media did a lengthy segment with LA Times sports editor Mike James. James was a longtime friend of Daniels/Penner and talks about what he’ll miss the most about the Penner’s (and Daniels’) work.  I also enjoyed hearing Christine Daniels’ voice, from a 2007 interview, talking about her transition and feeling like she was finally in First Class, instead of Coach, now that she was in her new body.

– the Bay Area Reporter‘s Roger Brigham interviews Mara Keisling, executive director of National Center for Transgender Equality, about her thoughts about Daniels, and Brigham talks about his own remembrances of Penner as a sportswriter.

– two stories from media website Mediaite. One is the initial coverage by Rachel Sklar and another by me on how the death was covered in the LGBT and alternative press and blogosphere.