The people who own The Advocate and Out just can’t seem to get out from under concerns that freelancers aren’t being paid. In March, Gawker had a series of posts detailing complaints from freelancers owed money by the company.

Now, Matthew Fleischer at media gossip site FishbowlLA has taken his complaints public saying he is owed compensation for a piece that ran over a year ago.

Nearly eight months have gone by since that letter and still no check. I recently emailed Edwards again and he referred me to the company’s finance department. They checked their computers and saw that, indeed, I was owed $175. They provided no rationale for this negligence and apologetically promised to pay me. Nearly four weeks later the check has still not been mailed. I have called the office of Here Media’s CFO repeatedly over the past few weeks. Each time I receive more promises of payment that go undelivered.In short: The Advocate owes me money, they know they owe me money and have refused to pay me for over a year.

Have you been stiffed by The Advocate too? Email us your story. We’ll publish it with as much righteous indignation as your story demands, and probably then some.