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NLGJA : The Association of LGBTQ Journalists is a chapter-based organization with more than 20 chapters in the U.S. Our membership growth as an organization depends on active, relevant and vibrant chapters. It is at the local level that we carry out–on a day-to-day basis–our mission to foster fair and accurate coverage of LGBTQ issues. It’s also in the local chapters that networking, information sharing and just plain fun and friendship takes place.

Don’t see a chapter in your area? Start one! Contact to learn more about chapter requirements.

Interested in a chapter leadership position? Elections are held every December. Find more information on the elections process here.

Professional Chapters

Last updated on November 22, 2022.


Steve Kilar (President),

Stacy Sullivan (Vice President),




Jeremy Fox (President)



Central Florida

Lee Lopez (President)




Adam Rhodes (President)

Jake Wittich (Vice President)


Steven Overly (President)



Holly Crenshaw (Chapter Contact)


Los Angeles

Richard Martinez (Chapter Contact) 

Albert Serna Jr.


Minnesota Dormant



Troy Diggs (President)


New York

Ernesto Mourelo (President)

Northern California: Dormant



Dr. Renee Norris-Jones (President)

Sandy Smith (Co-President)

Andreas Copes (Vice-President) 



Katie Blackley (President) 


South Florida

Michael Majchrowicz (President) 

Student Chapters

Last updated on November 22, 2022.

Arizona State University

Steve Kilar 


Columbia University

Mark Hansen


City University of New York 

Jeanette Tavarez

Zachary Smith

 Catherine Montesi

Indiana University 

Allison Adkins

Jacob DeCastro


Northwestern University (dormant)


San Francisco State University

Cash Martinez


University of Missouri (dormant)


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rhonda Gibson 

University of Oregon

Kiva Hanson


University of Texas at Austin

Blaine Young

Kate Dawson (Advisor)


University of Florida

Harrison Hove


Florida International University (dormant)