FREDERICK, MD – On Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 3PM EST L & T Entertainment announced the sale of the prestigious Miss Gay America pageant to Mad Angel Entertainment owned by Michael Dutzer and Rob Mansman of Baltimore Maryland.

L & T Entertainment owned the pageant since February of 2005. In 2013 L & T announced it was seeking a purchaser for the pageant system however they would not sell to just anyone, they wanted someone that would keep the symbol of excellence that the pageant stands for today.

Michael Dutzer and Rob Mansman who are currently business owners and have pageant experience with the Miss Gay USofA pageant teamed up with pageant director Aron Harvey to discuss purchasing the pageant. After approaching Larry and Terry of L & T Entertainment the negotiations concluded with a sale of the system to Mad Angel Entertainment.

The reigning Miss Gay America is Asia O’Hara of Dallas TX was briefed on the sale an hour before the sale was announced and congratulated the couple publicly after the official news release.

Miss Gay America was established in 1972 when founder Jerry Peek crowned Norma Kristie. Norman Jones then owned the pageant from 1975 to 2005 when Larry Tyger and Terry Eason of L & T Entertainment purchased it. There are 28 preliminary state and regional pageants leading to the national pageant held in October of each year. Known as the “Symbol of Excellence” Miss Gay America represents the utmost quality entertainment that the art of female impersonation has to offer.

Miss Gay America
Where the boys are boys… and female impersonation is an art!

Media Contact:
Michael Dutzer
Mad Angel Entertainment, President CEO