Born and raised in Romania, but living most of his time in Belgium, the heart of Europe, Gaybriel started his music career by writing lyrics, then he met a vocal coach who believed in him and encouraged the emerging music artist to trust his instincts, to become a professional singer/ songwriter and to be confident in the gift that he has for writing and singing. Gaybriel actually studied Communication and PR in his home country, and he offered his PR services for several years to a chain of high-end restaurants and pastry shops in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, until he decided to dedicate himself to his real love: music!

As you might’ve guessed from his stage name and, if you have the time to check it out, from his website,, the singer is actively involved in the LGBT community and a huge public supporter of it, through his music and social media presence.

The lyrics Gaybriel wrote for “Compulsive Liar” are a little bit tongue in cheek, describing a contemporary love affair in a fun, witty manner, from the perspective of a man who accepts the idea of an open relationship, yet is “bothered” by the constant lies of his lover.

The music for “Compulsive Liar” was written by the brilliant Romanian musical artist, Mihai Onila, who now lives in Belgium and was a Romanian boys-band member in the early 2000’s. Mihai Onila was also the vocal coach of Gaybriel and their long-time friendship and collaboration materialized in several songs, some already published, some awaiting to be published.

Through this song, “Compulsive Liar”, Gaybriel is transitioning from his early pop-new-age creations to music bursting with high energy and good vibes and he recently collaborated with several International DJ-s and Producers, such as Dj Roger Grey and Dj Nausikke; as of 2019 Gaybriel is changing his musical path, going more in the direction of house/ dance/ electronic music mixed with ethnic influences, poetry and positive vibes only.

His fun music video has just been released on YouTube: