November 27, 2019 // MIAMI, FL – MISTR, the online telemedicine platform focused on increasing access to PrEP, is commemorating World AIDS Day by offering its’ online HIV prevention service for just $49.

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a once-daily pill regimen that is 99% effective at preventing HIV. MISTR allows users to consult securely online with a licensed physician, complete the required lab work in the privacy of their home and have their PrEP medication delivered free of charge each month, all without needing to visit a doctors office.

Normally just $99, MISTR has eliminated the high out-of-pocket costs normally associated with accessing PrEP, but also understands that even $99 can be unaffordable for some. To mark the 31st anniversary of World AIDS Day, MISTR will offer its online PrEP service for just $49, from December 1st to December 15th, using code DEC19.

“We’re proud that we have created the most affordable and easy to use online telePrEP platform,” said MISTR founder Tristan Schukraft. “PrEP is 99% effective at preventing HIV, and unfortunately PrEP is not utilized as much as it should be. We hope this opportunity will allow even more people to access this vital component in the fight against HIV.”

Most insurance plans cover PrEP. For those who don’t have insurance or who are under insured, MISTR manages all the paperwork needed to qualify users for patient assistance programs ensuring patients have no out-of-pocket costs. With no doctors office, no needles, no paperwork and free delivery, MISTR has eliminated the barriers to PrEP.


MISTR is a telemedicine (telePrEP) platform offering easy online access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) across the United States. Gay owned and operated, MISTR has brought together a network of the best doctors, pharmacists, and problem solvers to make PrEP available to all who need it. No doctors office, no needles, no paperwork and free delivery. Get started today at and follow us @heymistr on Instagram

CONTACT: Courtney Allen