“Circumcision Scar,” an Explosive New Book About Child Abuse, Medical Fraud, Cult Rituals and Foreskin Restoration, by Jay J. Jackson

Los Angeles, Calif., May 4, 2020 (OUTNEWSWIRE) — “Circumcision Scar,” by Jay J. Jackson, is an intensely personal story about the author’s 35-year foreskin restoration and the dubious methods used to mandate circumcision onto every male possible. Haunted by vivid recurring nightmares since childhood, Jackson was in his 50s when he realized he was being tormented by repressed memories of his neonatal circumcision. Jackson began writing to make sense of his thoughts, which became the impetus for this unprecedented book.

Jackson states, “We all possess memories of every moment we’ve ever experienced, but we’re unable to access most of them without a powerful emotional trigger to bring them to the surface.”

In this unique LGBTQ memoir, Jackson details the psychological torment his circumcision caused and the detrimental impact it had on his sexual function throughout his life. In seeking treatment for his condition, Jackson was repeatedly accosted and chased out of exam rooms by doctors who branded him immoral and perverse for merely suggesting circumcision is harmful. It took a year before Jackson found a cosmetic surgeon sympathetic to his plight and agreed to treat him.

Jackson endured two painful experimental surgeries in his 20s to repair the damage done to him at birth, only to be shunned by nurses in the hospital who refused to care for him because they didn’t approve of what he’d done. Jackson explains, “It’s ridiculous. Their behavior was childish and unprofessional. It’s hard to believe circumcision is anything but cult doctrine when alleged professionals act like that for puritanical reasons alone.”

Jackson’s book goes on to debunk the alleged health benefits of circumcision with facts and statistics, and he takes particular offense with comparing circumcision to a vaccine and preventative for HIV/AIDS. “They used that exact same argument for circumcision and syphilis a hundred years ago, but the statistics don’t hold up. Foreskins aren’t the plague, they’re a natural part of the male anatomy. To call circumcision a vaccine is both dangerous and delusional.”

Jackson believes his book faces an uphill battle because most readers will refuse to hear the facts. “Circumcision is the oldest cult ritual in history, and it’s rooted in religion. As a gay man, I know all too well that people are motivated to protect religion over children, and they’ll say and do almost anything to uphold that bias.”

Jackson equates circumcision forced upon any child as nothing less than surgical rape. “It’s important for everyone to know, the doctor credited with making circumcision mainstream in America, was obsessed with circumcising all women too. I believe every child, boy or girl, has the right to be who they were born to be. No baby should be forced to undergo a surgical alteration at birth to remedy a malady that doesn’t exist. There are no genetic markers for religion. No child is born Christian, Jewish or Muslim. But there are indeed genetic markers for being LGBTQ, and the pious have historically used religion like a bludgeon to force children into being something they’re not.”

Jackson’s book depicts how the results of his surgically restored foreskin were so convincing that his doctors, and even his husband of 30 years, believed he had a natural foreskin. But Jackson remained unsatisfied with his surgical results, and decades later, used manual stretching techniques to complete his transition. Techniques, Jackson points out, that date back to ancient times.

“My situation was unique. Anyone starting today could probably restore their foreskin in 5-8 years. After my surgery, I did my best to put this behind me, that’s why I never told my husband about it. But it kept gnawing at me until I finally had no choice but to finish what I had started. Circumcision is a fundamental human rights violation, and restoring my foreskin was the cure. This is my body. No one has the right to force surgical conformity onto children to make them fit their idea of morality.”

The latter part of Jackson’s book details how Christian American doctors usurped First Amendment religious freedoms to mandate the oldest surgery and religious ritual in history onto a nation. The overzealousness these doctors used to sell circumcision to their patients includes an alleged cure for distemper in children, to the US government providing prostitutes on Navy boats in exchange for foreskins, to the wild claim that one patient’s foreskin actually caused him to develop a brain tumor.

Jackson elaborates, “No parent wants to believe they’ve harmed their child for no reason, but that’s the lie these doctors have forced upon us. Parents have to stand up for their children or this arcane brutality will never stop. And doctors should be held accountable for knowingly doing harm to children when their solemn oath morally and ethically binds them to harm no one.”

Jay J. Jackson is a freelance writer in Los Angeles and the caregiver for his husband of 30 years. He enjoys tending to their butterfly garden and is an avid Star Wars and Star Trek fan, “One offers a mythological alternative to religious fables, the other, hope for humanity’s future where we’ve outgrown the inane aspects of those fables in favor of acceptance and unity.” Jay hopes his story will inspire parents to prioritize protecting children over protecting religion.

“Circumcision Scar – My 35 Year Foreskin Restoration, Neonatal Circumcision Memories, and How Christian American Doctors Hijacked Holy Circumcision to Dupe a Nation,” by Jay J. Jackson, will be released September 8, 2020. To preview the book visit www.CircumcisionScar.com. The book can be pre-ordered now in hardcover or Ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple Books and local bookstores via IndieBound.


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“Circumcision Scar – My 35 Year Foreskin Restoration, Neonatal Circumcision Memories, and How Christian American Doctors Hijacked Holy Circumcision to Dupe a Nation” – by Jay J. Jackson

LGBTQ Memoir, Parenting, Men’s Health, Social Science Customs and Traditions

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020901671
Hardcover $35 ISBN: 978-1-7345558-0-6
Ebook $20 ISBN: 978-1-7345558-1-3
Kindle $20 ASIN: B084FHYMSC
372 pages with Bibliography
Publication Date: September 8, 2020
Publisher: Hookona Books
Distributor: Ingram

Table of Contents:

i) Preface
1) Introduction
2) How will your son learn he’s been circumcised?
3) Early Restoration Techniques
4) Attack of the Urologists
5) Foreskin Restoration Surgery
6) Embracing Denial
7) Circumcising Our Imaginary Baby
8) The Final Stretch
9) Faux Foreskin
10) The Prepuce Police
11) How I Remembered My Neonatal Circumcision
12) An Apatheist in a Dogmatic World
13) Cult or Culture?
14) Christian American Doctors Hijack Circumcision
15) Foreskin Fascist
16) The Church of Medicine
17) Side Effects May Include
18) Modern Intactivism