For Immediate Release: May 26, 2020

Contacts: Brandl Skirvin, Board President, JustFundKY (859) 227-3912
Bernadette Barton, Board Secretary, JustFundKY (859) 576-5799

JustFundKY is proud to announce our single largest grant round- $89,880 – to the 2020 grant recipients of the JustFundKY Cliff Todd Endowment!

JustFundKY is a $1.5 million endowment that funds educational projects in Kentucky from Pikeville to Paducah. Founded in 2006, JustFund has granted over $410,000 to 60 community organizations.

Among the many excellent projects JustFundKY supported this year is Ban Conversion Therapy, a group working to educate Kentuckians about the harmful effects of conversion therapy. For more information about Ban Conversion Therapy, contact Tanner Mobley at (502) 836-3272.

This year’s grant recipients are:
• Ashland Pride, $2500 to support their annual event
• Ban Conversion Therapy, $3500 to help educate the public on the harms of conversion therapy
• Bluegrass Community Technical College, $3950 to host a Building Bridges conference
• Faulkner-Morgan Archive, $10,000 to create a LGBTQ mural in downtown Lexington
• Free Mom Hugs Kentucky, $3000 for statewide education and outreach from Louisa
• Institute 193, $1500 to help print the graphic novel Cosmic Giggles by artist Charles Williams
• Josephine Sculpture Park of Frankfort, $5000 to host interactive art youth workshops
• LFUCG (City of Lexington), $5000 for Rainbow Crosswalks in downtown Lexington
• Louisville LGBT Film Festival, $1600 to support screening films
• Louisville Pride, $8050 to host a Transgender Wellness Summit
• Media Working Group in Covington, $2500 for production costs on a film about Henry Faulkner
• Pride Community Services Organization of Lexington, $4600 for educational workshops and youth drag camp
• PFLAG Somerset, $5150 for their annual event
• Powell County Library, $5000 for media, Drag Queen story hour, book clubs and book events
• RADIOLEX WLXL, $4800 to support stories from the Hispanic LGBTQ community
• Kevin Nance at RADIOLEX WLXU, $2500 for Out and About monthly interviews with LGBTQ people
• Kentucky Theater, $5000 to host a LGBTQ film festival
• UK Prism Research, $5000 to create a documentary on trans and nonbinary people
• Union Church Berea, $5000 to host monthly meetings for LGBTQ youth
• Veteran’s Affairs LGBT Health, $1230 to fund a speaker for transgender week of remembrance

JustFundKY is proud to help transform the landscape of Kentucky to brighten the lives of its LGBTQ citizens. In 2006, JustFundKY was created to build a permanent endowment to promote fairness for LGBTQ Kentuckians. Our goal is to support the many community groups that are fighting for fairness and equality around the state. We help fuel the LGBTQ movement in Kentucky by providing financial support to those who are carrying on the fight. Just Fund Education Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) doing business as JustFundKY. Learn more about JustFundKY at or at