Lights, Camera, Identity… Never Alone

Your Journey Begins Now !

This new comic was created with LGBTQIA+ teens in mind and with the hope of supporting them and people from all walks of life as they discover and embrace their own unique identities. This comic features four popular Rupaul’s Drag Race personalities as a mentoring heroes; Pandora Boxx, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Jackie Cox & Heidi N Closet.

We all face challenges growing up and this comic explores some of those struggles at school and at home wile providing some tactics and support along the way helping readers to better navigate those challenges. Readers will be able to identify with the comics main character and with the help of the comic’s mentoring heroes see that the are never alone on their journeys.

Lights, Camera, Identity… Never Alone was conceived, written, and produced by Pop Culture Hero Coalition’s Vice President of Creative Strategy and Community Outreach Raymond Litster and was illustrated by Queer Comic Artist Mister Loki.

Pop Culture Hero Coalition has partnered with CenterLink and is providing these comics to 250 LGBTQIA+ centers across the United States, Canada and Beyond at no cost to those Centers. 4,200 comics were pre-requested and have already been shipped out.

Support Pop Culture Hero Coalition’s efforts by purchasing a Comic at BeKindMerch.Org and check them out on social media at @SuperHeroIRL.

Lights Camera Identity