March 11,  2021

Daylight Opens Beta List On Daylight Savings 2021
Banking for LGBT+ people, by LGBT+ people


Los Angeles, CA — Daylight, the banking app and community for LGBT+, will be expanding its beta user base when daylight savings time begins on March 14, 2021. The reaction from the Beta group and the thousands of fervent supporters patiently lining up on the waitlist has been overwhelmingly positive.

Daylight is the first and only digital banking platform designed for the US’s 30m LGBT+ people. Daylight helps members prepare for the future with planning tools and content tailored for the unique life events faced by LGBT+ community, including gender transitions, family planning or starting a business. To help members get there faster, members can connect with other Daylight members for peer-to-peer payments, expert advice, sharing their savings goals and cheering each other on.

CEO Rob Curtis says ‘we’re designed by the LGBT+ community and after a successful launch to a small group of users we felt Daylight savings was the perfect time to expand our beta group into the hundreds. This gives us an even richer group of diverse LGBT+ folx to help us design a uniquely queer banking experience.’ Daylight is launching new features that use behavioral science to make it easier for LGBT+ folks to save for important goals. Daylight members can choose to share into a public feed any time they create a savings goal, contribute to their goal, or achieve their target. Members of the community can cheer each other on by liking each others’ goals and savings. This provides accountability as well as emotional support from your chosen family. ‘In the next phase we will introduce the ability to contribute towards each others goals whether that’s helping your best friends save for a holiday or offering a few dollars towards someones transition’ says Curtis.

LGBT+ folks have unique financial lives and as a community LGBT+ were often made to feel shame about their lives, money is no different. LGBT+ folks have less support from family, higher college debt and higher healthcare costs, plus more likely to be rejected for loans or are discriminated against. Daylight aims to even the playing field for the LGBT+ community with its mission “to help LGBT+ community achieve fulfilling futures faster”.

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