Los Angeles Non-Profit, MOVIKARMA, Launches Inclusive Pathways Program With LGBTQ+ Pride Event, Raising over $100,000

Fundraiser Co-Hosted by Dot-Marie Jones and Rachel Mason, Co-Sponsored by Lionsgate

Hollywood (June 21, 2021) On Thursday, June 17th, Movikarma, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit, hosted its first Salon fundraiser of 2021 to celebrate Pride and announce the official launch of their new program: Inclusive Pathways. The charity fundraiser, hosted by Emmy nominees Dot-Marie Jones (Glee) and Rachel Mason (Circus of Books) took place at Picrow in Hollywood and successfully raised over $100,000 in much needed funds.

Despite ongoing work by many activists to end systemic oppression, underrepresentation persists throughout the entertainment industry. To better facilitate industry-wide systemic change, Movikarma’s unprecedented Inclusive Pathways Program will:

  • Provide paid, living wage opportunities for underrepresented talent to gain hands-on experience on major productions
  • Offer ongoing mentorship and support for underrepresented artists as they develop their careers
  • Increase industry transparency and accountability to ensure that more underrepresented voices have sustainable opportunities for career growth
  • Foster impactful relationships, connections, and community for underrepresented talent to support each other and have greater access to industry leaders

“Inequity is bad for business and it limits the potential of the next generation of creative voices. Clearly, empowering underrepresented talent is essential to telling inclusive, impactful stories,” shares Jared Milrad, Social Impact Filmmaker, Founder and President, Movikarma. Mr. Milrad worked for Former President Barack Obama prior to launching Movikarma.

In addition to receiving a grant from WarnerMedia, Movikarma’s new program is supported by LIonsgate, Claire Best & Associates, Diversity in Cannes, and others. The fundraiser included a powerful panel discussion with Bree Frank (VP at Hello Sunshine | Founder & President at Hue You Know), Damian Pelliccione (CEO / Co-Founder of Revry), Shawn Finnie (EVP, Membership Relations and Awards, ‎The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences), Sean Torrington (Founder + CEO, Slay TV), and Yolonda Brinkley (Executive Director, Diversity in Cannes).

“Kudos to Jared Milrad and the entire Movikarma team for launching the new Inclusive Pathways Program, created to ensure underrepresented artists have sustainable career growth opportunities. As the founder of Diversity in Cannes, the independent film movement promoting inclusion at the Cannes Film Festival, I understand the desire to amplify diverse voices and the urgency to help level the playing field throughout the global entertainment industry,” exclaims Yolonda Brinkley, Executive Director, Diversity in Cannes. “Now more than ever, we need industry leaders to clear the path to consistent career advancement for underrepresented creatives. With the support of executive allies, I’m excited to witness the unfolding of new opportunities and the powerful impact this program will have on the lives of its participants in Hollywood and beyond.”

“I’m excited to watch Movikarma continue to flourish and create space to amplify the voices of our multi-talented LGBTQIA+ community,” added Shawn Finnie, EVP, Membership Relations and Awards, ‎The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Lionsgate was an event co-sponsor. Other event sponsors included Claire Best & Associates, Superba Food + Bread, MetroPaws, Danica Rosé Wine, and Diversity in Cannes. After a successful launch, Movikarma hopes to attract many studios, studio executives and industry organizations to join the program and support systemic inclusion, equity, and representation both behind and in front of the camera.

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About Movikarma
Movikarma is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Los Angeles that empowers underrepresented filmmakers and fosters inclusion, equity, representation, and social impact in Hollywood. Founded in 2019, by Jared Milrad, the organization hosts a monthly digital-first film festival and a podcast called Rewriting Hollywood, in addition to other initiatives and special events that expand opportunities for underprivileged talent. To date, Movikarma has worked with hundreds of underrepresented filmmakers from 50+ countries, and elevated underrepresented creative voices throughout the industry. Through pioneering relationships with WarnerMedia, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Netflix, Lionsgate, The Sundance Institute, and other leading companies, organizations, and award-winning underrepresented talent, Movikarma is focused on transforming Hollywood to become a more inclusive and impactful industry.