With a lack of queer women-focused series on television, OFF THE CHART, Xtra’s recap and discussion podcast of The L Word: Generation Q is bringing that energy back to your airwaves.

Get a unique, intimate perspective on the loves and losses of L.A.’s most dramatic lesbians and bisexuals, direct from one of the world’s oldest independent queer media organizations. Erica Lenti (Xtra senior editor) and Chelle Turingan (managing producer, video) come to the podcast with a passion for untangling the chart – breaking down every relationship and recap with the precision only diehard L Word fans can muster.

And the podcast, nominated for a Digital Publishing Award in 2020, is now video-first! Our hosts Erica and Chelle bring their unfiltered takes, from their home studios, direct to your screens.

Listen in as these two friends gossip about Shane’s latest hook-ups and gush about the show’s newest ships. From our co-host, Erica Lenti: “The L Word is known best for pioneering a kind of television series never before seen in the early aughts—most queer women I know have memories of seeing the loving, laughing, kissing, cheating and breathing between women who look and dress and talk like they do for the first time on screen. The L Word: Generation Q brings that visibility to a new audience, merging millennial queer sensibilities with our favourite L.A. lesbians of yore.”

It’s like talking about the show with your best queer friends – right in their living rooms. But there’s no Zoom in sight here. With high-quality video production and peak audio quality, the podcast is exemplary of Xtra’s work today – a LGBTQ2S+ media trailblazer that’s mastering multimedia. Our director of editorial, Rachel Giese says, “Like other outlets, the pandemic has forced us to be creative in audio and video production—setting up home studios and shooting remotely—but, for us, that’s been a virtue. Xtra has always had a scrappy, can-do, DIY ethos, which reflects the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our communities.”

We’re online in text format, on video and in audio, no matter what kind of content you’re looking for. For listening to Off The Chart on the go, the podcast is also available in audio format from your favourite podcast app.

“We’re inspired by the new ways we’ve been able to reach and connect with our audiences over the past year and a half,” says Giese, “whether that’s our live Kiki with Kevin online events to chat about all things Drag Race or our new newsletter offerings, like the pop up Rainbow Votes 2021 covering the Canadian federal election, or our feature documentary, Small Town Pride.”

The L Word: Generation Q is a sequel series to the uber-popular Showtime drama that ran from 2004 to 2009. Showcasing characters both original and new, the update to the historic show has been a hit with queer audiences, and is reviving nostalgia in everyone who loved it first.

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