DALLAS, TEXAS – February 10, 2022 – Certified Personal Power Coach, Maddox, launches The Authentic Gay Man Podcast. The podcast provides a safe platform for gay men to speak their truth and be seen, heard, and valued.

Listen each week to the podcast at theauthenticgaymanpodcast.com

The journey to living as an authentic gay man can be difficult and complicated. With a scarcity of resources, mentors, and role models, many gay men experience loneliness and isolation long after they have come out.

Former Dallas hairdresser and now professional coach, Maddox, knows this painful reality too well.

“For decades I wore a “people pleasing” mask and struggled to “fit in”. “Fitting in” meant I had to carve parts of myself away that others might not accept.”

“Recently, I experienced a massive shift, creating a new mindset that has freed me from trying to be someone I wasn’t.”

“I now show up authentically and foster deeper, more meaningful friendships within my community. Others don’t have to go it alone, as I did.”

This personal struggle and his ultimate breakthrough are the inspiration behind The Authentic Gay Man Podcast.

Each week, Maddox invites a relatable, everyday gay man to be his guest. Listen to a raw, candid, and uncensored exploration of becoming an Authentic Gay Man and the steps you can take to live a more authentic life.

“My dream is to support my gay brothers in making the same shift, so they can create deep, meaningful friendships and experience a profound sense of value, belonging, and community.”

Maddox is certified by The Quantum Success Coaching Academy, Calling in “The One”, and Mindvalley Holistic Coaching, and is a member of the Gay Coaches Alliance.

You can find The Authentic Gay Man Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

Coach Maddox, owner/host

Coach Maddox is available for interviews.