LGBTQ+ MM (Male/Male) Romance Novel Author releases new novel, Melody of the Heart
Blake Allwood is one of the most prolific gay authors you might not have heard of… yet. This charming and intelligent writer has penned 10 contemporary romances, 3 paranormal romances and two novellas. He is currently releasing a 3-part urban fantasy/romantic series as well. That makes for 18 books with more on the way.
Catch up with Blake in this exclusive interview, where the out novelist shares the background to his many popular works about male-to-male romance, and why it is important now more than ever to write from the heart.
This interview touches on his feelings about one of the hot political issues of our time with the bans on LGBTQ+ children’s books, as well as the GOP cracking down on LGBTQ+ education in general.
From this vantage point, he delves into the inspiration for his most recent novel, Melody of the Heart, a beautiful and very convincing love story based on music. He tackles how MM romance has literary value in this political age, while also touching on a more personal aspect of his writing with what music has meant throughout his life.

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