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religious liberty, religious freedom

Politically charged term used by some who believe religious beliefs should allow discrimination against LGBTQ and other minority communities. Avoid this and similar terms. See religious exemption

religious exemption

Term that describes the rights of individuals and others to be exempt from laws on the basis of religion, unless the government has a compelling interest to deny the exemption. Can also be politically charged.


As an adjective, someone who experiences attraction without regard to sex, gender identity or gender expression.

gender fluid

Refers to a person whose gender identity or expression is not fixed but can vary between, and extend beyond, male and female.

“conversion therapy”

Discredited practice of using psychological intervention to change sexual orientation. Also called “reparative therapy” or “sexual reorientation therapy” by proponents, this practice has been opposed by the American Psychological Association...


As a noun or adjective, someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction.