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Refers to someone who does not identify as any gender. Not synonymous with asexual or genderqueer.


A Abiertamente gay/lesbiana/bisexual ACT UP Arepera B Bandera del arcoíris Bifobia Bisexual C Cambio de sexo Ceremonia conyugal Cirugía de reasignación de género Cirugía de reasignación de sexo Cisgénero “cross -dresser” “cruising” D Derechos especiales Doble espíritu...


Introduction This stylebook seeks to be a guide on language and terminology to help journalists cover LGBTQ subjects and issues with sensitivity and fairness, without bias or judgment. Because language is always changing, this guide is not definitive or fully...


Generally, transgender describes people whose gender identity and/ or expression may not match their physical, sexual characteristics or sex assigned at birth. Click for full entry.


Acceptable in all references for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer and/ or questioning. Click for full entry.