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Destination Equality is a Program of Alturi founded by former Atlantis Events and RSVP Vacations employees Steve Roth and Charlie Rounds

Onboard Celebrity Edge (6 December 2018)—LGBT cruise veterans and one-time competitors Rich Campbell and Charlie Rounds announced today that Atlantis Events and RSVP Vacations will lead the way in promoting Destination Equality, a groundbreaking effort to raise funds and awareness for the Caribbean LGBT community. For over thirty years, the two companies have sent tens of thousands of LGBT travelers to the Caribbean, and this effort is the product of an interest in partnering with members of local communities in the Caribbean to improve LGBT lives there. “Our guests have always enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of the Caribbean islands, and we welcome the opportunity to raise the bar in support of the LGBT communities of these islands,” stated Rich Campbell, CEO of Atlantis Events and RSVP Vacations. He added “We have led efforts to raise money for the Caribbean LGBT community after natural disasters, but we were always looking for a way to offer long-term sustainable contributions. Destination Equality gives our guests the chance to give back.”

Funds raised via Destination Equality will go directly to the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CVC), a non-profit organization that supports the LGBT community across the Caribbean. Funds will be used to strengthen local organizations and be used for emergency aid when there are natural disasters. As part of their support, both companies will send information on Destination Equality to their guests on a twice-yearly basis, as well as promote the effort onboard all their travel programs.

Destination Equality is the brainchild of Charlie Rounds, former President of RSVP Vacations and creator of Give OUT Day, the national day of LGBT giving. “No one has sent more gay travelers to the Caribbean than Rich Campbell and we could not be happier that Rich has decided to help lead the way in promoting Destination Equality,” stated Charlie Rounds, Alturi Executive Director.

John Waters, the program manager at CVC, echoed positive sentiments regarding the Destination Equality project. “We know that LGBT tourism has greatly helped the Caribbean LGBT community by creating a positive image when travelers are here. Destination Equality now adds direct economic support to our efforts to improve the lives of our community,” Waters said.

The Destination Equality site is located at www.destinatinequality.organd features the stories of individuals who have directly benefited from CVC’s work. Tax deductible donations can be made by anyone visiting the site. The site is supported by the Caravanserai Project, which provides solutions to some of our greatest social challenges.  “Our mission at Caravanserai Project is dedicated to helping others on their journeys for social impact and progress and Destination Equality is the perfect fit for us” stated Stephen Bennett co-founder of Caravanserai Project.

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