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RADR is now available for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android

AMSTERDAM (December 2018) – We’re very proud to launch RADR, ‘The open-minded navigator,’ worldwide! RADR offers a unique new platform where people can share their open-minded travel discoveries, favorite global hot spots and underground tips with their friends.

“We noticed that despite hundreds of travel books and websites, people – including us – were still often asking their like-minded friends for tips on social media. Also, many (gay) websites didn’t always match our taste and when booking hotels, we were always doubting the reviews. But now that will be a thing of the past! With RADR, you can rely on your friends to guide you to places that truly fit who you are.”

“Especially when you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s nice and even important in many cases, to go to places which are gay friendly and stand for ‘inclusion’ and ‘non-discrimination’. Our dream was to make an app where friends help each other, and at the same time their community, by sharing tips where they have had great experiences. Not just gay-only places, but places in general where they could just truly be themselves.”

No more: “I’m in NY, tips anyone?” Just check RADR!

In the RADR app you can check if your friends have any open-minded tips for the country or city that you are visiting, next to using it as a personal map where you list places you love. It has a search engine that pulls all the info instantly from the web, which makes it very easy to add places. RADR also adds tips, based on our own experience and our users. Your own tips will only be visible for your friends on the app, but RADR’s tips will be visible to all users. So, you will hopefully also find tips from RADR where none of your friends have been (yet).

You log in via Facebook for authentication, which gives the opportunity to share your tips in the RADR app with your Facebook friends. You don’t give any other information to Facebook and your tips don’t go anywhere, unless you specifically choose to share them on Facebook as well.

Rather not authenticate and log-in through Facebook? No problem! In that case you won’t be able to see tips from your friends, but you will still see all the tips from RADR. Which of course is still way better than tips from general travel sites because RADR’s tips come from your community!

Check RADR for the most trendy hotels, hidden beaches, hottest clubs, gorgeous restaurants, underground places, or the best spots for a simple martini. All with respect to open mindedness, inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination. Also including a rating for the general experience (pricing, quality of food and service).


“Since a soft launch in Amsterdam through our own network this summer, RADR already reached over 4000 downloads worldwide. Even in countries where our community is not out in the open, we see people downloading the app and listing places where they can be themselves! In this short time RADR already proved to have the potential to become a true ‘guide’ for our community!”

Supporting good causes in the travel business is still quite a rare phenomenon, but at RADR we do this differently. RADR will donate 10% of any future profits to several LGBTQ+ charities.



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