How much does your press release submission service cost?
The price for sending or distributing a press release is just US$300 for individual, organization or corporate accounts and US$240 for all members of IGLTA or NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists.

How soon does the press release go out?
If received by 3 pm (U.S. ET), your press release will be distributed the same day, and for releases received after that time, you can expect distribution the following business day.

How can press releases be safely submitted?
Your press release is sent to TravelOutNewsWire via email in a Word or basic text format. We ask that you take care to ensure your material is checked carefully and formatted for appropriate length and presentation when it is first submitted. We are not able to provide editorial and proofreading services, so you remain responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your news release. The full text of the press release then is sent within the body of our message, since many organizations are unable to accept attachments because of understandable spam, virus and bandwidth concerns. If you wish to present a photo image or share a media file, you can inform editors where to find the material (URL) or provide contact details at the end of your press release concerning graphics. No HTML text will be placed within the emailed press release. The subject of the email message sent to editors will include your press release title or an abbreviated version, as required by space considerations.

Will press releases truly reach global outlets and audiences?
Yes, that is our mission and purpose. Upon launch, however, we recognize that a majority of media contacts connected through TravelOutNewsWire will be based in North America We will continue to add and invite many more worldwide media sources as we grow. At this time, therefore, we are not able to offer specialized targeting to specific or individual geographic and continental markets. We plan to reconsider the option in the future as the news service matures. Considering that many freelance writers, journalists, travel industry trend observers and bloggers are reaching widespread readers and audiences through their online efforts – regardless of their home country – we consider LGBTQ+ travel a truly global interest. We hope this helps provide some of the glue that connects all travel and hospitality providers with that valuable audience.

What makes TravelOutNewsWire valuable and unique?
We strive to maintain the most comprehensive and accurate LGBTQ+ Media list available through any source. TravelOutNewsWire also is dedicated entirely to information related to LGBTQ+ travel, hospitality, destinations, promotions and events. We require no membership fees, will present no hidden charges, and aim to ensure this service remains affordable. Our news sources have opted to receive our press releases. We do not wish bombard journalists with unwelcome emails. We contact interested journalists directly and respectfully and consider this service an authentic partnership and a trusted way to offer news and content of value to the LGBTQ+ readership.