nlgja_logoNLGJA members and staff work daily with our colleagues in the news industry to fulfill the organization’s mission of fair and accurate coverage. Sometimes, though, a more targeted response is required to promote greater understanding about how to fairly and accurately cover the LGBTQ community.

NLGJA’s answer to this is the Rapid Response Task Force. This panel of working journalists from mainstream and LGBTQ media answers complaints about reporting seen as unfair and/or inaccurate by readers, viewers, listeners and our peer journalists.

Since its inception, the Rapid Response Task Force has not only informed countless newsrooms about appropriate terminology and the appearance of bias, but has also used these contacts to spread awareness about issues facing the LGBTQ community.

Problematic Coverage? Let Us Know!

The Rapid Response Task Force depends on the eyes and ears of all media consumers to raise the red flag on problematic coverage.

Submit a link to a story that you believe is unfair or inaccurate. The Task Force will evaluate the submission, discuss it, and if appropriate, contact the newsroom in question. If a link isn’t available, please provide a written description of the story.

Items to which the Rapid Response Task Force usually does not respond include editorials (unless predicated on inaccurate information), op-ed pieces and letters to the editor.