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Lifetime Membership

Since the organization’s founding in 1990, NLGJA members have been devoted to ensuring fair and accurate coverage of the issues that affect their lives and the LGBTQ community at large.

It’s work that is both necessary and rewarding. Work that requires tireless dedication and commitment.

From our National Board of Directors to our chapter leadership to the individual members who bring our mission to work with them, NLGJA exemplifies the power of a community that has united under a common goal.

In 2006, NLGJA launched its Lifetime Membership Program. NLGJA Lifetime Members receive all the benefits of general membership, as well as special recognition in the organization’s various publications and at select events.

This program is designed to celebrate this dedication and commitment by allowing NLGJA members to pledge their talents and support not just for today, but for a lifetime.

Become a Lifetime Member

Show your support for NLGJA and highlight your commitment to our mission by becoming a Lifetime Member. Lifetime Membership is open to people who meet the criteria of basic, associate, LGBTQ, student or retiree membership levels. Lifetime Membership Dues can be paid in one $1200 installment, twelve $100 monthly installments or twenty-four $50 monthly installments. Contact us at for more information.