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NLGJA Leadership Elections


NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists is a national organization with over 20 local, regional and scholastic chapters throughout the United States. NLGJA relies on the hard work of dedicated volunteers who fill leadership positions at both the national and chapter level in order to advance and promote our mission of ensuring fair and accurate coverage of LGBTQ issues and people in media.



NLGJA Board & Executive Committee

The deadlines to submit a nomination and vote in the 2019 NLGJA Leadership Advisory Poll have passed.

There are vacancies in three Executive Committee and four at-large Board of Director positions:

  • VP of Broadcast
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Directors at Large (4)

Executive Committee members may serve two consecutive terms in each office, and at-large National Board Members may serve three consecutive terms. All National Board of Director terms are two years.

All nominees must be members in good standing for at least one year by the time of the election. Those seeking an Executive Committee seat must also have served as an at-large Board of Directors member or Chapter President for at least one year as of the election. Eligible members may nominate themselves.

No more than two Board Members may be elected from any one chapter.

Online voting for NLGJA’s National Board of Directors was made available to members in good standing until 5:00pm, Thursday, August 15. According to NLGJA bylaws, board elections are advisory but, to date, the board has never failed to follow the election results.

Election results will be ratified by the Board of Directors at the 2019 National Convention.

The nominees, arranged alphabetically by each position vacancy, are:

Vice President of Broadcast (one vacancy):

Belinda Hernandez
“I am running for VP of Broadcast because of my dedication to LGBTQ inclusion in journalism. It is imperative for our voices to be accurately reflected in the stories we cover – which can only be achieved by having LGBTQ diversity in newsroom staff.
I have 20+ years of experience as a broadcast journalist. I worked in local TV news before moving to CNN, with my most recent position in news services. I spent time in the ‘booth’, in the field and on air producing and reporting stories that have earned Emmy and Peabody awards. 
I am an advocate of diversity and inclusion in all organizations and my work as co-chair of Turner’s LGBTQ business resource group reflects that. Countless volunteer hours were spent creating professional development programs and social events, which resulted in raising the awareness of our LGBTQ employees within the company. I will continue bringing that same level of dedication and passion to NLGJA.
In addition to advancing NLGJA’s mission, I want to also expand our lifetime membership list, secure large-scale partnerships within the media landscape and mentor young LGBTQ journalists.
I was appointed to fill this vacant role earlier this year and would be honored to have your vote. Thank you!”

Rick Stuckey
“I’m Rick Stuckey, a veteran broadcast journalist who has spent his career at several news organizations. For the past 8 years, I’ve been a videographer/editor at NBC Chicago. Please consider my nomination for Vice President of Broadcast. 
I’ve been a member of NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists since 2005 and have been Secretary since 2015. As an ambassador to our organization of LGBTQ journalists, it’s a logical progression for me to consider the role of Vice President of Broadcast. 
I make sure every member or potential member feels 100% welcome. Their journey, work and words matter. Our work as LGBTQ journalists makes newsrooms stronger and viewers and readers better informed. 
The connections I have made during conventions, at our fundraisers and through social media chats are priceless. Working with a CONNECT alum to overcome fear in their first job; helping members attend networking events; and getting a thank you note from a member saying, ‘you made me feel welcome,’ is rewarding and underscores what NLGJA is all about. 
As Vice President of Broadcast, I would take my work to the next step, continue to make connections, initiate more outreach and make NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists even stronger.”

Secretary (one vacancy):

No nominations were submitted for this position.

Treasurer (one vacancy):

Ken Miguel
“I have served as NLGJA’s Vice-President of Broadcast, National Secretary and currently serve as National Treasurer. As convention Co-Chair, I have had the opportunity to work with the amazing people who represent our industry and our organization. I have enjoyed being a part of this organization’s leadership for more than a decade, helping grow our membership and increase our financial stability. I hope that you will allow me to continue being your representative on the National Board.”

 At-Large Directors (four vacancies):

Erik Hall
“My objective in joining the NLGJA National Board of Directors as a Director At-Large is to see the implementation of more continuing education opportunities for members of NLGJA that occur outside of the national convention. One path would be to hold educational panels on college campuses that are open to NLGJA members, journalists and students. It would provide an opportunity for NLGJA outreach to college students and non-members along with helping journalists improve their fluency in talking and reporting about the LGBTQ community and topics that are important to the LGBTQ community. 
As someone that works at a media outlet that is considered as traditionally print, I would also work to increase membership NLGJA membership at traditionally print media outlets. I’m also a sports journalist, and I would like to work to increase the number of sports journalists in NLGJA.”

Bethany Grace Howe
“In 2016, I came to South Beach as a transgender woman, newly out, with no idea of who I was. I came because when I founded the chapter at the University of Oregon, the NLGJA supported me in my work. Once there, however, I found a professional and personal connection that I had never previously known, and have yet to equal since. They didn’t ask why I was there; they asked how they could help. I left the convention a lifetime member.
Three years later I’ve been to every national convention since, and there’s no place in the world I’d rather be. That clueless woman from three years ago is now a PhD, one who is sought for both her research and her expression. Very simply, I am who I always dreamed of being, and it absolutely began with NLGJA – and continues for the same reason.
I want to give back. I would like to increase our presence on campuses and how we interact with academia – and I believe I am uniquely suited to do those things. I love the NLGJA, with ideas exceeded only by my passion, and whether I’m selected or not, I’m only getting started. “

Eric Walter
“I am nominating myself for the position of member at large for the NLGJA national board.
I have been a member of NLGJA since the late ‘90s and have worked as a local organizer for chapters in Minnesota, New York City and Philadelphia, where I was chapter president until I joined the board in 2017 to contribute to NLGJA in a broader way. I also served on the planning committee for the 2017 convention.
Since then, I have worked within the board to clarify and streamline the national nomination and voting timeline. And I am currently leading that committee to similarly clarify and streamline chapter elections protocols in time for the 2019 convention. 
While on the board, I served on the reviewing committee for the 2019 Excellence in Journalism Awards, and I have worked with our strategic planning consultant, Eloiza Altoro, and other committee members on setting chapter goals and objectives based on feedback collected from member surveys. I would welcome the chance to continue that work to fulfill the potential of my role as the board’s chapter liaison. My primary interest lies in finding ways for the national organization to support and magnify the work of chapter organizers.”


Please Note – All Board Members are required to:

  • Attend and participate in board meetings: Board Members must attend at least one of the two in person meetings (mid-year, convention) and at least one of the twice-annual board calls.
  • Maintain current membership in the organization.
  • Participate actively in committee/task force work.
  • Raise or give at least $1,500 for the organization each year.
  • Board members will need to be available to staff.
  • Be active in their local chapter.


Campaign guidelines for those running for executive committee or board member positions:

  • Any campaigning and electioneering online, including social media and email communications, must come from a personal account. Candidates may not use any NLGJA-sanctioned national or chapter accounts, emails addresses, logos or other branding to promote their candidacy.
  • NLGJA will distribute a listing of candidates and platforms/bios to current members. NLGJA will not provide membership lists to any candidate for campaign purposes.
  • Candidates may reach out to members directly through other means at their discretion, but should act responsibly and be respectful of voting members.
  • While campaigning, candidates should urge all members in good standing to vote, and encourage lapsed members to renew their membership and vote.



Chapter Leadership

Nominations for chapter leadership will be available at a later date.

Nominees for NLGJA local offices – both new candidates and those planning to run for re-election – shall be required to submit this application detailing, among other things, their journalism and media experience, current employment status and a statement explaining why they are seeking office. The NLGJA Elections Chair, and national staff shall use the information to confirm the nominee’s membership status and eligibility for office. Upon request, non-confidential information in the application shall be made available to the voting membership.

In the event of a contested election, online voting for Chapter Leadership will be made available to members in good standing. According to NLGJA bylaws, board elections are advisory but, to date, the board has never failed to follow the election results.

All Chapter Board Members are expected to:

  • Attend and participate in chapter board meetings
  • Maintain current membership in the organization
  • Be responsive to chapter members, NLGJA national leadership and NLGJA staff