Excellence in News/Feature

First Place presented to Jeff Kunerth, Mark Schlueb, Kelly Brewington,Orlando Sentinel, “Coming Out, Blending In: Being Gay in Central Florida” Series

Judges Comments: “The result is a textured treatment of gay life and its relationship to a larger community. Very well done.”

Second Place presented to Scott M. Finn, Tara Tuckwiller, Sunday Gazette-Mail (Charleston, West Virginia) “Young and Gay: Teens Harassed While School Officials Look the Other Way”

Judges Comments: “The reporter obtained the trust of their sources and provided a poignant look into the difficult lives of West Virginia teens facing cruel harassment from their peers. Heartbreaking and powerful.”

Third Place presented to John Blake, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Raised by Gay Parents”

Judges Comments: “A refreshing portrait of family life – emphasis on the voices of children was impressive.”