Excellence in Television

First Place presented to Maria Hinijosa and Rose Arce, CNN, “Guardian Angel.”

Judges comment: “This was a great story because it was so different from the typical gay, lesbian, transgender issues so many report on. It was a wonderful portrait of someone just living his life (as a gay man) and doing an extraordinary thing.”

Second Place presented to Mark Saxenmeyer, Darlene Hill, Kathleen Minnis, Lou Hinkhouse, Chris Davis and Leo Brucato, WFLD-TV FOX, “The Experiment: Gay and Straight.”

Judges comment: “This is what ‘reality shows’ should be used for. What a great way to get real conversation and controversy out in the open.”

Third Place presented to Ken Miguel, KGO-TV, ABC Inc., “Ken Miguel Composite.”

Judges comment: “Excellent enterprise reporting. The producer’s selection of stories that reflect national issues from the LGBT point of view is impressive.”