Excellence in Opinion/Editorial

First Place presented to Andrew Sullivan, Time Magazine, “The ‘Invisible’ Man.”

Judges comment: “Crisp, thought-provoking and able to balance the emotional and intellectual,” in this commentary about civil rights activist Bayard Rustin.

Second Place presented to Steve Blow, The Dallas Morning News, for several columns.

Judges comment: “It’s not easy being generous and thought-provoking at the same time but Steve Blow does that in his columns that examine gay life from a straight perspective…willing to be open-minded about those who are different from what is seen as ‘the norm.’”

Third Place presented to Euan Bear, Out in the Mountains, “Passing On,” and “Making a Difference.”

Judges comment: “A simple well-told story that paints a vivid portrait of a loving man and his family.” (Passing On) “I have read and written numerous columns and editorials on the topic of voting. I have never read or been able to write one this persuasive.”(Making a Difference)