Garrett Glaser was the first television journalist to come out of the closet to the radio and television news industry. During a 1992 speech before a large group of TV and radio executives at RTNDA’s annual convention Glaser began his remarks by asking the that the lights of the auditorium be turned on because, “We’ve been in the shadows too long.”

In 1994 Glaser disclosed his sexual orientation during a live report on KNBC-TV’s “Channel 4 News” in Los Angeles . When he said the words, “As a gay man who has lost many friends to AIDS…” the newsroom switchboard lit up with calls from viewers – some of whom threatened bodily harm. KNBC-TV management responded by issuing a statement supporting Glaser’s decision to come out.

One of NLGJA’s earliest members, Garrett served on the organization’s national board for four years.