Ronald Gold opened a brief biography by stating that he “was born in Brooklyn in 1930, entered Brooklyn College at fifteen, and took twelve years to get a degree. By that time he had been a junkie in San Francisco and had his head shrunk in Topeka, KS.” A sharp writer with an uncompromising style, Gold built a career writing for a number of publications, including Variety.

It was at the age of forty-one that Gold made the decision to dedicate his time and energy to being “a full-time gay liberationist.” He was the media director of the Gay Activists Alliance, one of the founding members of the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force, and played a lead role in persuading the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

Gold currently spends half the year living in Bangladesh which was where he completed his as-yet-unpublished book, Polarity: The Psychology of Paul Rosenfels.