His language is essentially out of the NLGJA stylebook. He includes multiple points of view. He talks objectively about LGBT issues from a news perspective and features LGBT news prominently on his blog. His opinions on how the Obama administration is handling LGBT issues are as cynical as those of John Aravosis. Who would guess he’s the chief White House Correspondent for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.

David Brody is not your daddy’s idea of conservative journalism. He is a regular CNN contributor and a frequent roundtable panelist on NBC’s Meet The Press and ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos. He gets great interviews and has a reputation for angering partisans, mostly conservatives. He also knows how to cover LGBT issues in a way that others could model. Here’s his recent story on LGBT activists being angered by Obama’s lack of attention.

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What’s especially interesting about Brody’s coverage is that he translates the experience of LGBT activists to the experiences of Evangelical Christian activists, often giving LGBT activists credit for their perseverance.

Let me just say one thing. You have to hand it to the gay community. They are like a bunch of energizer bunnies. They keep going and going and going until they get their way. They won’t stop. They never will. You may disagree with their lifestyle but imagine if Evangelicals had their passion for an agenda? Imagine if Evangelicals stood up in this country and voted like never before? Just a thought.

and this:

In a way, the gay community is starting to find out what it’s like to be an Evangelical Christian from a political standpoint. Follow me here:

Evangelical Christians were always looked upon as a reliable GOP vote just like most gay and lesbians are typically a reliable vote for the Democratic Party. But once Evangelicals vote for a GOP President, they become toxic because if a Republican President goes overboard courting and giving Evangelicals everything on their political wish list, a Republican President may alienate the key moderate swing voters. Same thing with Obama. If he all of a sudden comes out in support of gay marriage, he risks a political backlash from moderate swing voters in the heartland. (Indiana and North Carolina) If he is seen as actively moving a GLBT agenda, the country is not ready for that and it’ll cost him politically. Plus, big arguments over DOMA, gay marriage and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell are political poison for this administration. You don’t think he knows that? C’mon.

You can disagree with his analysis, but you have to give Brody credit for “getting” the political realities of LGBT issues and covering them with surprising agility.