N.Y. De Dia, a Spanish-language daily newspaper in New York City, has announced that it will publish Dimensión LGBT, a weekly pull-out section on LGBT news.

Here’s an excerpt of their statement (English translation my own):

N.Y. De Dia becomes the first Latino daily circulation news outlet in the United States, and certainly in many parts of the world, to offer a weekly section aimed at the gay community in all its expression.

With this decision we do not take on or endorse criteria that has to do with marriages between persons of the same sex, if they can have children or not, among other things, but we are a window into the diversity, the mural that permits tolerance to present views without crossing the boundaries of respect.

N.Y. De Dia, in collaboration with various entities including the Latino Commission on AIDS, wants to be the spokesperson for the more than 100 organizations with over 200,000 members who make up the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of the nearly 5 million Latinos who live in the tri-state area.

Dimensión LGBT will be released every Tuesday with first-hand reporting, will be a general information guide, will publish various cultural, artistic and educational events being developed and will integrate all its members as part of this window to freedom of expression.

I was personally involved, along with the editor-in-chief and associate publisher of Gay City News, who back then were the editor-in-chief and publisher of the now defunct LGNY, with launching LGNY Latino, what we believed to be the first bilingual (Spanish/English) LGBT newspaper in the United States.

Fate did not smile kindly on that launch, but I remained convinced that the need and the demand still existed for such a product. Setting aside the disclaimer that it does not necessarily take a position on LGBT rights by publishing this LGBT section, I cannot deny that I am excited to find out if N.Y. De Dia succeeds with Dimensión LGBT.

(Hat tip: The Latino LGBT blog Blabbeando.)

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