A must-read and must-watch coverage of SXSWI’s “Engaging the Queer Community” panel by Queerty’s Daniel Villarreal. The panel included Fausto Fernos from the Feast Of Fun, Bil Browning from The Bilerico Project, After Ellen’s editor Trish Bendix, and Sinclair Sexsmith from Sugarbutch.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPQTjM96OWs]Villarreal, who is covering SXSW for Queerty, asked the provocative question of why “homophobes and Lady GaGa” get more attention in the LGBT media than actual LGBT voices.

Why is it we, supposedly the most media savvy people in the world, regurgitate stories about straight celebrities and national politics while ignoring the artists and politicians working in own neighborhoods? (Admittedly, Queerty is often guilty of this, though we’ve increased coverage of “regular” queers.)

Villarreal interviewed the panelists and posted his interviews on YouTube.