A quick follow-up to Oriol’s previous blog post about Andrew Alexander’s comments regarding the gay kiss photos accompanying the same-sex marriage stories.  Alexander says that since his first posting, there has been a “counterattack” from around the world with support running 10 to 1 in support of the photos.

Photo Credit: Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post

But the Omblog item prompted a backlash. It was picked up by bloggers, wire services and broadcast outlets, prompting hundreds of e-mails, calls and online comments praising The Post. Those I’ve received are running more than 10-to-1 in support of the decision to run the photo. They’re coming from around the globe.
“It happened, it’s fact, and the photo was in no way offensive,” e-mailed Dylan Lacey of Brisbane, Australia. “I regret that you lost subscribers and that the Post will be financially worse off in some way, but hopefully your news subscribers will more than make up for it.”

Nearly 20 people who e-mailed or offered online comments said they wanted to fill the void left by those who canceled.

Today’s WaPo also features a number of letters to the editor about the controversy.

News of the first reaction got significant coverage, including The Atlantic, Huffington Post, Wonkette, Albany Times Union, and the Advocate. There was also reaction in the conservative blogosphere blasting the WaPo.