The Justice Department recently issued a brief defending “don’t ask, don’t tell” that uses a 1993 quote in favor of the policy from Colin Powell, who now supports repeal of DADT.

Having the Obama administration on the one hand advocating for DADT repeal and the Justice Department on the other hand arguing for it has been interesting.

At a White House press conference, NLGJA member Kerry Eleveld from The Advocate asked Press Secretary Robert Gibbs whether President Obama was worried that the DOJ was “insular or tone-deaf” to the interests of the LGBT community.

Gibbs did admit to Eleveld that it was “odd” for the DOJ to use Powell’s old quote.

Kudos, as always, to Eleveld for being such a conscientious representative of the LGBT media and the LGBT community inside the White House.

However, my reason for posting this exchange is a bit more light-hearted. It actually has more to do with the theatrics of the exchange on television.

Eleveld is almost totally obscured by another person. I don’t know how often she gets on camera, but I sure hope we literally get to see her ask a question next time!

Watch the video:

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