Yahoo gave me my first personal email address (which I still use) and taught me how to search online. But I now almost always begin my online searches with Google (as do most people).

Despite their rivalry, I love both Yahoo and Google. And since both companies have now become players in the news business, I believe they’re fair game to discuss on this blog.

I woke up this Pride Sunday (Happy Pride everyone!), went to the Yahoo homepage as I usually do to log in to my email and couldn’t help but notice the rainbow colors on the Yahoo homepage:

They even had an LGBT fluff story on the homepage. I clicked on the Yahoo logo and was taken to a Yahoo events page dedicated to Pride:

Cool, I thought, let’s see what’s happening for Pride at Google, the leader in logo changing on their homepage for all sorts of events. I can’t wait, I thought.

Well, I saw no Pride on the Google homepage. And I’m disappointed. Just sayin’.

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