NLGJA has announced panelists for its 7th annual LGBT Media Summit, sponsored by the Bob Ross Foundation and the Bay Area Reporter. The LGBT Media Summit, being held September 2 in San Francisco, kicks off NLGJA’s 20th annual national convention focused on journalism and the media.

Moderated by NLGJA blogger and this year’s LGBT Media Summit chair Matthew S. Bajko, the morning plenary will focus on the state of LGBT media. Panelists include the publisher of Curve, Francis Stevens; editor in chief of the Washington Blade, Kevin Naff; the publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News, Mark Segal; and the Bay Area Reporter‘s general manager, Michael Yamashita.

“I wanted to hear from editors and publishers how they were able to revive their papers and/or survive the economic downturn and share best practices that might benefit other papers. Who better to diagnose the state of LGBT media than the people working day and night to ensure the industry remains vibrant and part of the media landscape,” said Bajko, an NLGJA national board member and an assistant editor at the Bay Area Reporter.

The summit will also feature panels on how LGBT media can monetize online platforms and smartphone applications; the latest in LGBT health trends; what goes into producing LGBT radio and TV shows; and the making of the documentary Stonewall Uprising.

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