NLGJA Announces 2010 Excellence in Journalism Award Winners

Washington , D.C. – Today the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association announces the recipients of its Excellence in Journalism Awards.

The recipient of this year's Journalist of the Year is Randy Gener of American Theatre magazine. The recipient of this year's Sarah Pettit Memorial Award for Excellence in LGBT Media goes to Kerry Eleveld of The Advocate.

NLGJA's Excellence in Journalism Awards were established in 1993 to foster, recognize and reward excellence in journalism on issues related to the LGBT community. In addition to Journalist of the Year and the Sarah Pettit Memorial Award for Excellence in LGBT Media, awards will be presented for excellence in news writing, feature writing, opinion writing, network television, radio, online, photojournalism, HIV/AIDS and student journalism.

The NLGJA Journalist of the Year award recognizes the outstanding professional achievements of an LGBT journalist. This year, NLGJA will present that honor to Randy Gener of American Theatre magazine, a writer, editor, critic, playwright and visual artist based in New York City .

Of Gener, judges said: “Some of the best journalism is being done outside of traditional newsrooms and by people covering niche areas. Gener's writing on theater, especially as it interacts with LGBT lives, is beautifully done, knowledgeable and almost lyrical in its language.”

Kerry Eleveld of The Advocate has been selected to be honored with the Sarah Pettit Memorial Award for Excellence in LGBT Media. Named for the late Newsweek journalist and founding editor of Out magazine, the award recognizes outstanding contributions of a journalist working in the LGBT media.

Of Eleveld's work, judges said: “Eleveld needs to be commended for pushing for a D.C. bureau for The Advocate,” as well as “From her unique place inside the White House, she's consistently making news and controlling the direction of news stories.”

The 2010 NLGJA Excellence in Journalism Awards:

Journalist of the Year Award
Winner: Randy Gener, American Theatre magazine
Honorable mention: Carolyn Lochhead, San Francisco Chronicle

Sarah Pettit Memorial Award for Excellence in LGBT Media
Winner: Kerry Eleveld, The Advocate

Excellence in News Writing Award
Winner: Jen Colletta, Philadelphia Gay News, “Researchers: Gays Excluded from Clinical Trials”
Honorable mention: Phillip Zonkel, Press-Telegram, “Suffering in Silence”

Excellence in Feature Writing Award
Winner: Benoit Denizet-Lewis , The New York Times Magazine, “Coming Out in Middle School”
Honorable mention: Alfred P. Doblin, The Record, “Stonewall Started It”

Excellence in Opinion Writing Award
Winner: Maya Rupert , LA Watts Times, “I Believe in America ”
Honorable mention: LZ Granderson , CNN, “Gay Is Not the New Black”

Excellence in Network Television Award
Winner: Bud Bultman, Rose Arce, Dave Timko, Amanda Sealy, and Steve Keller, CNN, “Her Name Was Steven”
Honorable mention: Jacqueline Gares and Amber Hall, In the Life, “40th Anniversary of Stonewall”

Excellence in Radio Award
Winner: Jad Abumrad and Aaron Scott, Radiolab, “New Stu”
Honorable mention: Tim Curran, Aaron McQuade and Dave Gorab; Sirius XM OutQ News; “Stonewall 40 Minutes” series

Excellence in Online Journalism Award
Winner: Dave Singleton and Team,, “The Stonewall Riots: 40 Years Later”
Honorable mention: Jessica Bennett, Kathy Jones, Margaret Keady, Jennifer Molina, Monica Parra and Carl Sullivan ;; “From Stonewall to Mainstream”

Excellence in Photojournalism Award
Winner: Scott A. Drake, Philadelphia Gay News, “PDA With a Purpose”

Excellence in HIV/AIDS Coverage Award
Winner: Michel Martin and the staff of Tell Me More, Tell Me More/NPR
Honorable mention: Jennifer Morton, POZ, “How Stigma Kills”

Excellence in Student Journalism Award
Winner: Todd Cross , Syracuse University multimedia graduate student, “Transgender: The Path to One's Identity”
Honorable mention: Laura Lofgren, Fusion magazine, “The Importance of Being Aaron”

Founded in 1990, NLGJA is the leading professional organization for LGBT journalists with 20 chapters nationwide, as well as members around the globe. This year, NLGJA celebrates two decades of advocating for fair and accurate reporting on LGBT issues.

The awards will be presented at the 20 th Anniversary Gala of NLGJA, held at the National Convention and 7th Annual LGBT Media Summit in San Francisco on Sept. 4, 2010 . More information is available at:

About the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association:

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