The closing night of the conference featured the 2010 Excellence in Journalism Award Winners. Here’s a list of the winners.

Journalist of the Year Award
Winner: Randy Gener, American Theater magazine
Honorable mention: Carolyn Lochhead, San Francisco Chronicle

Sarah Pettit Memorial Award for Excellence in LGBT Media
Winner: Kerry Eleveld, The Advocate

Excellence in News Writing Award
Winner: Jen Colletta, Philadelphia Gay News, “Researchers: Gays Excluded from Clinical Trials”
Honorable mention: Phillip Zonkel, Press-Telegram, “Suffering in Silence”

Excellence in Feature Writing Award
Winner: Benoit Denizet-Lewis , The New York Times Magazine, “Coming Out in Middle School”
Honorable mention: Alfred P. Doblin, The Record, “Stonewall Started It”

Excellence in Opinion Writing Award
Winner: Maya Rupert , LA Watts Times, “I Believe in America ”
Honorable mention: LZ Granderson , CNN, “Gay Is Not the New Black”

Excellence in Network Television Award
Winner: Bud Bultman, Rose Arce, Dave Timko, Amanda Sealy, and Steve Keller, CNN, “Her Name Was Steven”
Honorable mention: Jacqueline Gares and Amber Hall, In the Life, “40th Anniversary of Stonewall”

Excellence in Radio Award
Winner: Jad Abumrad and Aaron Scott, Radiolab, “New Stu”
Honorable mention: Tim Curran, Aaron McQuade and Dave Gorab; Sirius XM OutQ News; “Stonewall 40 Minutes” series

Excellence in Online Journalism Award
Winner: Dave Singleton and Team,, “The Stonewall Riots: 40 Years Later”
Honorable mention: Jessica Bennett, Kathy Jones, Margaret Keady, Jennifer Molina, Monica Parra and Carl Sullivan ;; “From Stonewall to Mainstream”

Excellence in Photojournalism Award
Winner: Scott A. Drake, Philadelphia Gay News, “PDA With a Purpose”

Excellence in HIV/AIDS Coverage Award
Winner: Michel Martin and the staff of Tell Me More, Tell Me More/NPR
Honorable mention: Jennifer Morton, POZ, “How Stigma Kills”

Excellence in Student Journalism Award
Winner: Todd Cross , Syracuse University multimedia graduate student, “Transgender: The Path to One’s Identity”
Honorable mention: Laura Lofgren, Fusion magazine, “The Importance of Being Aaron”