The new edition of Press Pass Q has an interesting story on the problems at Here Media (or Regent Media, more on that later) and includes a great scoop: Here filed a lawsuit in February–which has now been withdrawn–against Queerty over the website’s intense coverage of the media company.

Here Media’s 10-page complaint alleged unfair competition, intentional interference with contractual relations, and intentional interference with prospective advantage. The plaintiffs were asking the court for recovery of damages, punitive damages, injunctive relief and costs.

. . .
According to the complaint, “Even more egregiously, the defendants have publicly targeted, attacked, and heaped scorn upon employees of Here Media who have worked selflessly and diligently to provide a legitimate voice for LGBT issues – people who have been exemplary in their efforts and who deserve to be treated with consideration and respect – in an effort to make it intolerable for those valuable employees to continue working with Here Media and to pressure them into abandoning their employment with Here Media so that defendants’ attacks against them will cease. As a result, some of Here Media’s employees have resigned and vendors, advertisers, and contributors have ended their relationships with Here Media.”

Chuck Colbert’s story for Press Pass Q details the other complaints against Queerty, including an allegation that Queerty’s founder was shopping around Queerty in 2008 to Here’s CEO. According to the story, the lawsuit was dropped in March.

The edition also explains the confusion over whether it is Regent Media–or Here Media–that owns the Advocate and Out.

“Here Media Inc. does not have a parent company,” Here Media said in a statement to Press Pass Q. “It is owned by 100 shareholders. Here Media Inc. was organized in 2009 and merged with Planet Out Inc. in June 2009. It owns The Advocate, Out,, and other media properties serving the LGBT audience. One of its subsidiaries was briefly named Regent Entertainment Media Inc., but was renamed Here Publishing Inc. shortly after the merger. Here Media Inc. has over 100 shareholders, including many individual and institutional investors together with management.”