In a Rolling Stone interview rapper Nicki Minaj says she’s not bisexual, despite her own words to the contrary:

Early in her career Minaj claimed to be bisexual, but now says she just did that to get attention. “I think girls are sexy,” she says. “But I’m not going to lie and say that I date girls.”

At, the headline “Nicki Minaj Admits She Lied About Being Bisexual” was followed by this subhead: “Does Nicki Minaj set back bisexual visibility with her revelations?”

I find the subhead question interesting not only from an advocacy perspective, but also from a fair and accurate coverage perspective. Will this revelation make it more difficult to accurately tell the stories of bisexuals?

Her revelation also begs these questions: How much and how deep should reporters follow up? Is it now open season for reporters to prove or disprove her assertion that she is not bisexual?