Dear Members,

This giving season, I ask that you think about what NLGJA has meant to you and how you can join me in sustaining our organization for the future.

NLGJA, as an organization, has made many strides. We have NLGJA to thank for the domestic partnership benefits many of us have in our newsrooms. It is NLGJA that helps to improve, from inside newsrooms, the way the media covers the LGBT community.  It is NLGJA that has kept us up-to-date on the professional skills we need to succeed. It is NLGJA that trains the next generation of LGBT journalists through our scholarships and student project.

And yet there’s still so much more work to do.

NLGJA President Jen Christensen

NLGJA President Jen Christensen

Recently, a professor at an important j-school told me that she still cautions her LGBT journalism students about being “out” after graduation. These are students who, for the most part, have been “out” for much of their lives and yet with the reality of the workplace, particularly in the markets in which they will start, she tells them it may not be all that safe for them to do so. They may not get hired if they are honest about who they are.

I read an employment survey the other day that suggests only 20% of people are actually “out” at work. That suggests to me that is not just a worry for students. No matter how many states we can get married in today, there are still far too many workplaces where we can’t be our whole selves and succeed.

That’s one of the many reasons NLGJA continues its work with newsroom leaders to help them better understand how to make their newsroom a welcome and fair place for LGBT employees. That’s why we continue programs that mentor young journalists. And that’s why we continue to offer some of the best professional development training and the best networking opportunities out there so that all our members can stay at the very top of their game.

And far too often, we still find inaccurate and unfair news coverage of the LGBT community. So, it’s up to NLGJA to shine a light, educate our fellow journalists on factual and balanced reporting and provide resources like our Styleguide and Tip Sheets.

But we can’t do all of this – and far more that I don’t have room to list – without your support.

I am proud to say that the every member of the NLGJA Board has made a contribution this year and we have a number of new monthly donors.

So, won’t you too join us in our support of NLGJA? Whether it’s for professional or personal reasons or because you believe in all that NLGJA does and has done for you, please give back.

It’s so easy: Just click this link and make a contribution today.

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Jen Christensen
NLGJA President